One-to-One Photography Tuition


Bespoke, Individual and Personalised

1-2-1 tuition is individually designed around your specific requirements and will be personal to you.

A 1-2-1 tuition session makes a great gift for the budding photographer and because it’s always bespoke it’s the gift that is guaranteed to always fit!

We guarantee a one-to-one training session will increase confidence and improve photographs. We provide a bespoke range of tools and techniques to improve photographic skills, from beginner to advanced.

New camera? Our 1-2-1 tuition is the perfect way to find out about all the new controls, functions and capability of a new camera and will open up it’s creative possibilities quickly. We will even de-mystify those mysterious buttons and symbols on your camera!

Confused by Photoshop? We can personalise 1-2-1 tuition to any of the leading software packages. Picasa, Photoshop, Elements, Premiere Elements, Lightroom. From an introduction to the basic functions, set up of best practice workflow to advanced editing and manipulation we can design a session for any skill level.

Thinking of upgrading to a dSLR? We can introduce you to the capabilities and potential of a new camera and provide with a dSLR to use during the session for no additional cost. We’ll discuss your requirements and cover the advantages & disadvantages of the cameras available to ensure you make the right decision.

Struggling to create great photos? A 1-2-1 tuition session based around composition will show you how to create photos with the wow factor. We’ll teach you the tricks which can turn snapshots into masterpieces and how to achieve with the camera you have.

Children showing an interest in photography? All of our tutors have completed a basic criminal records check (disclosure) and parents are welcome to accompany their children during their tuition. We are experienced at designing tuition around specific curriculum subjects and projects.

Every 1-2-1 training session begins with a detailed telephone consultation to determine the specific objectives of your session. We will design your session around your individual, personalised needs which could be based around one of the above subjects, a combination of them or something else.
We will choose a location that allows us to cover your specific subject. Great scenery if we’re focussing on landscapes & composition, a local classroom if we’re computer based. We can come to you if that’s more convenient or base the session at a favourite location.

A half day, 1-2-1 tuition session is just £120 for approximately 3 hours, or a 6 hour, in-depth session is just £200.

Your Camera Doesn’t Matter!

Because our 1-2-1 tuition is bespoke to your requirements we can help you improve your photographs no matter what camera you have, even a camera phone, because it’s not the camera that takes great photographs it’s what’s behind it when the shutter opens!

The Perfect Gift

A 1-2-1 tuition session makes the perfect gift and we can provide a personalised gift voucher. For further details please click here.

This course covers:

Anything you want it to, your 1-2-1 session is your time to focus upon what it is you want to improve

Suitable for:

Anyone who wishes to spend some focussed time improving their photography

Course duration:

1-2-1 sessions can be 3 hours or 6 hours

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